Why should I choose you?

My qualifications are unique. First, I am certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) for Italian to English translations, which assures a certain level of linguistic quality for your project.

But additionally, I worked in the marketing communications world for more than twenty years before moving completely into translation. Working at a major American telecommunications firm gave me practical experience managing advertising, branding, PR, and online campaigns – something not many translators have. My background gives me insight on how to more effectively express your marketing messages in English.

What will it cost?

The price depends on the complexity of the project. Because marketing communication is not just simple word-for-word translation, it requires extra time and effort: studying your brief; researching your product or service and industry; developing copy that reflects your brand; and focusing the message to your strategy.

That said, I can’t provide an estimate based solely on the number of words in your text. I’ll review the project and assess the amount of time it will take for any extra research and strategy work. Rush charges may apply if the deadline is extremely tight.

My minimum charge is €100; just send me your materials via email for an estimate and include the time frame required.

What information do you need?

To create an effective marketing document for you, I would like to have as many of the following points as possible:

  • Purpose of the communication (Persuade? Sell? Announce an award? Launch a new product?)
  • Your brand’s personality (Tone, voice, etc.)
  • Target audience (Prospective buyers? If so, demographics. Businesses? Trade? Press?)
  • Differentiation from your competitors
  • Time frame
How do I pay?

I accept bank transfer payments. Details will be included on the estimate and on the final invoice.